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Air Duct Cleaning

Howie's Power Vac has been cleaning residential air ducts since 1954. With over 60 years of experience, let us help your family breathe a little easier.

Air Duct System Video Inspection

One of the ways that we can help to eliminate costly air duct replacements is by using our push camera and performing an inspection of the duct system. This will enable us to have a full view of the ducts that have air volume issues, odor issues or if you are looking to verify that the ducts have been cleaned properly. Click the link below if you have not had your ducts cleaned by Howie's Power-Vac and see the REAL COST of a cheap duct cleaning. Jesse goes undercover, investigating low-cost air duct cleanings

Dryer Vent Cleaning


According to excerpts from the FEMA Topical Fire Report Series - Volume 13, Issue 7 / August 2012:

The Hows and Whys of a Clothes Dryer Fire - Lint, consisting mostly of small fibers from the clothes and debris in or on the clothes, is created from the clothes as the clothes tumble in the drum. While much of the lint is trapped by the dryer’s filter, lint is also carried through the vent system along with moist air. Lint is a highly combustible material that can accumulate both in the dryer and in the dryer vent. Accumulated lint leads to reduced airflow and can pose a potential fire hazard. In addition to the accumulation of lint, blockage in dryer exhaust vents also can occur from the nests of small birds or other animals or from damages to the venting system itself. A compromised vent will not exhaust properly to the outside. As a result, overheating may occur and a fire may ensue.

Factors Contributing to Ignition in Clothes Dryer Fires in Residential Buildings - The leading specific factor contributing to ignition, which is part of the operational deficiency category, was failure to clean. This is not surprising as proper clothes dryer maintenance to avoid a fire hazard involves removing the lint from the traps, vents, and surrounding areas of the dryer. Failure to clean accounted for 72 percent of the operational deficiency contributing factors category.

Clothes Dryer Venting Systems - New construction trends often situate washers and dryers in nontraditional areas of the house, such as upstairs bedrooms, hallways, bathrooms, kitchens, and closets. These new sites may require longer dryer vent ducts in order to reach an outside wall. If a dryer vent is too long or has many bends and turns, moisture in the warm air passing through it condenses on the vent surfaces, attracting lint. Eventually, the lint accumulates and creates resistance. Thus, it is crucial for homeowners to regularly inspect and clean out the dryer vent.

  • The interior of the dryer and venting system should be serviced and cleaned periodically by qualified service personnel, especially if it is taking longer than normal for clothes to dry.

Our other divisions include:

Environmental Services

Utilizing our large Industrial Vacuum trucks, we can perform a variety of services that include: Attic Insulation removal & installation, Crawl Space clean up, Catch Basin cleaning, Golf Course services, Ponds and Swales, Roof Gravel Removal, Sewage Spill Mitigation, Soil Excavation, Storm/Utility Vault Cleanings, Blocked sewer lines. We are now offering CCTV Video Inspections for all kinds of systems (storm drainage, sanitary sewer, etc.) call for more information.

Air Quality

Some of our applications for facility maintenance include: HVAC duct cleaning, Video inspections of duct systems and we also specialize in industrial, residential and pool boiler cleanings.

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