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Air duct cleaning will:

Improve air quality – According to NADCA, in a typical home, up to 40 pounds of dust is created annually through everyday living. In addition, through normal occupation in the home, we generate contaminants such as dander, dust and chemicals that ultimately filter through and can settle into your air duct system. This is the air that you and your family breathe every day.

Remove allergens from air ducts – Having dirty air in your home may not CAUSE health issues but it can be problematic for those with respiratory health conditions, environmental allergies and autoimmune disorders.

Improve furnace efficiency – Heating and cooling systems get dirty with normal use, even those that have filters replaced on a regular basis. According to the U.S. Department of Energy 25-40% or energy used for the home is wasted. Built up contaminants in your system cause it to work harder to heat and/ or cool your home and can shorten the life of your system.

Remove dirt, debris and fine dust following any construction, remodel or restoration work – Just because it's NEW doesn't mean it's clean! We have cleaned many homes after new construction or a remodel that have had sawdust, sheetrock and various other construction debris settled into the ductwork.


60 years of experience – Howie's Power-Vac has been doing this for over 60 years! Our technicians have extensive training and are equipped with the most powerful, high efficiency tools to do the job right.

Job cost - Howie's Power-Vac is not in the business of upselling you on goods and services you do not need. When speaking with you, we do our best to give you as complete and estimate as possible specific to YOUR job. We do not sell or service heating and cooling equipment at all. If we discover any possible issues we will be happy to give you a recommendation for a reputable company.

Total source removal – Beware of companies that offer coupons or "Deals" to clean your duct work for $149.00 or less. These are known in the industry as "blow and go" companies and they do nothing more than bring a shop-vac into your home, and vacuum your ducts up through the registers. They will rarely, if ever, present you with a bill of the original advertised price. They are known to add charges for services they did not perform or use scare tactics to get you to agree to additional "necessary" services. A good number of the calls we get from customers are from those that have supposedly had their ducts cleaned by these "blow and go" companies. They find that even after the cleaning they still have dirt, dust and debris in the ductwork and call us to come and do the job properly. Click the link below to see the NBC expose' on one such company.

NBC Dateline Expose' on Duct Cleaning Scams

NADCA Certified – Howie's Power-Vac is NADCA Certified.


NADCA stands for National Air Duct Cleaners Association. To be a member of NADCA, Air Duct Cleaning companies must meet stringent requirements involving signing and adhering to NADCA's Code of Ethics, maintaining staff certification, and attending annual continuing education seminars.

See NADCA's Code of Ethics here.


For most residential duct cleanings we use a truck mounted & powered vacuum (12,500 cfm). This is the safest, most powerful method to thoroughly clean your air duct system. There may be situations when using the truck mounted system is not possible. Living in a high rise condo or a situation where there is no accessible parking for the truck are a couple of those scenarios. We can still get your air duct system thoroughly clean with our high powered portable system. These run at 4,500 cfm and being able to get the unit close to the furnace ensures that your air will be as clean as possible!

This is the Howie's Power-Vac truck in action!


Our technicians attach an 8 inch diameter hose from the power-vac truck to the base can (generally located below the furnace). The technician then partially covers each register (vent) to create negative pressure during the cleaning. The truck is turned on and powers the vacuum to suction everything from your vents into the inflated vacuum bags on top of the truck. The technician then goes to one of the registers with a much smaller, indoor only, hose that has an "air whip" attached to the end. This hose is run through the entire length of the duct run and using compressed air, the air whip agitates the duct, loosening all dirt, dust and debris, pushing it away from the vent opening and towards the large hose attached to the furnace. This process is repeated for every register. When that step has been completed we will remove, wash and dry the blower assembly (fan). We will also thoroughly clean the fan compartment before re-installing and reattaching the wiring for the fan. This step is necessary in order for us to guarantee the duct cleaning and is part of "Total Source Removal" guidelines as directed by NADCA.



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